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QuickBooks is an accounting software designed to help business owners who want to keep their finances organized and accurate. QuickBooks is useful to keep up with the increased accounting needs of the company. It allows you to record and track all business transactions of the company and examine how to use the advanced features in QuickBooks to create estimates, convert estimates into invoices, process sales tax and payroll, generate reports, review client data, and work with other applications.


Duration: 2 Full days

This course is designed for persons who have no prior knowledge of how to use QuickBooks, or for persons who are familiar with the software and want to learn about the new features and functionality of QuickBooks 2010 and is designed for users or accounting professionals who want to employ the advanced productivity and creative features of QuickBooks 2010


At Course Completion:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

-      Explore the QuickBooks interface and access the QuickBooks centers available in QuickBooks 2010 to familiarize yourself with the application.

-      Set up a company and update the Chart of Accounts using the EasyStep Interview Wizard    feature.

-      Build and manage lists using the options available in the QuickBooks centers.

-      Manage inventory using the options in the Vendor Center.

-      Record a product sale in QuickBooks using the options in the Customer Center.

-      Create invoice for services using the options in the Vendors Center.

-      Work with bank accounts using the options provided in the Banking section of the     QuickBooks interface.

 -     Create an estimate for a job and then convert it into an invoice.

-      Record business assets and liabilities.

-      Process sales tax.

-      Create and work with reports.

-      Process payroll manually.

-      Check the accuracy of accounting data.

-      Integrate other applications with QuickBooks.

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