Investment Required

Investments will vary depending on various factors like

 • Size of the Center you are planning to start

 • Location of the Center

 • Local market economy

 • Initial number of global authorizations you are planning to acquire

On an average a franchisee must have a minimum of Rs.5,000,000 in available capital to launch a
normal size Center. A minimum space of 2000 Sqft is required to start a Center.

If you already have a running training center and wish to convert it into a LABA franchise the investment could be fairly lower.


Other commercials involved

Franchise Fee     :          To be discussed later
Royalties     :                    To be discussed later
Advertising Fee     :         To be discussed later
Content Fees     :            To be discussed later
Revenue Sharing     :     To be discussed later for all business given directly by LABA to the Franchisee Center