Quality Approach

LABA has achieved a reputation in Nepal for its very high quality service. We consider quality control as a key part of its activities to provide best services, which exceeds customer needs.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of all LABA activities.

To maintain our quality at the highest level:

  1.     We have Pre-Test and Post-Test system to access the level of knowledge transferred.
  2.     We conduct post class survey within 3 months after the completion of the training. We evaluate what they have remembered after training and what they have transferred to their work environment.
  3.     To check the quality of the class we have system of regular weekly meeting with GM, Operation Manger, Training Manager and Front Desk Officer.
  4.     Regular feedbacks are taken from the participants during meet and greet session and same communicated to the concerned department heads.
  5.     Participants feedback is taken at the end of the course and same communicated to the concerned person.
  6.     We give Post training support to participants by phone, email or live chats for a period of 6 month after the training completion date.
  7.     We have a policy of “100% Client Satisfaction” If the client has any doubt during the training and is not fully satisfied, then he/she can repeat the full course in the other batch free of cost.
  8.     To make the delivery effective we use various training aids like Multimedia Projectors, white boards etc.
  9.     We have 1:1 student computer ratio
  10.     We are flexible in class timings to suit our clients
  11.     All our trainer have 7+ years of industry experience and 8.7 plus class ratings
  12.     The trainer allowed to take a maximum of 3 classes of 2 hours per day. This way our trainer can give his/her full potential to the class.
  13.     We only accommodate a maximum of 10 students per class for effective class delivery.
  14.     We have two computers as backup per class to meet any kind of system contingencies.
  15.     We have deployed latest equipment in the class
  16.     To meet the biggest problem in Nepal of power load shedding of 16 hours/day. We have laptops in the classroom with 3 hours of backup, Online UPS with 5 hours of Backup and 100 KVA Generator for extra backup. So, we have continuous supply of Power.
  17.     We have our own computerized “Center Management System (CMS)” which helps us in tracking all the activities of the center at any point of time and take necessary actions.
  18.     We have Web based “Student Progress Tracking System (SPTS)” in this a training manger/coordinator of the organization can monitor the progress of their participant (like test scores, attendance, feedback etc.) from anywhere at any point of time.