Training Approach

LABA follows a 6 stage systematic approach to learning. Our objective is to meet your objectives. We are experts at tying learning solutions to meeting your objectives – whether those include achieving certain goals, solving certain problems or fulfilling certain needs. The value of our expertise is reflected on the satisfied faces of our clients.


-          Training Needs Analysis

When you walk into LABA you are guaranteed an exact and complete solution. Every client is guaranteed to be briefed by a qualified professional who is a needs analysis specialist. They will sit with you and conduct a thorough scientific needs analysis and devise the right solution that is beneficial for you based on the analysis. They will prove the Return on Investment of that solution. And once you are satisfied with the solution, they will hand you over to the most qualified training team in Nepal to deliver that solution. Before you sit for a class you will be pre-assessed on the course and after you complete the class you will be post-assessed on it again.


-          Design Training

Once the Needs Analysis has been completed the next stage will be to design the training solution. This is easier said than done as several things need to be taken into consideration:

  • Specify the objectives for the Training solution
  • Identify content for the training solution that will meet the objectives
  • Decide on the methods to use, to deliver the solution
  • Devise and test activities & exercises that will be used during the training
  • Prepare/acquire the material.

-          Deliver Training

Having a great Needs Analysis completed, and then getting some attractive looking material is great, but the one thing guaranteed to bring the training event to life is the trainer. All of our consultants are highly experienced and certified facilitators with minimum 7+ years of learning, deployment and development behind them. They are able to bring the material to life, to make the learning real and to ensure that all learners leave the event with a positive outcome.


-          Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation is a process to measure Training delivered  against set criteria and targets in order to understand the impact of the training event/s so that they can be reviewed and/or changed in order to complete a cycle of continuous improvement.


-          Support

LABA provides support after training completion through 24X7 helpdesk using Phone / E-mail / live chat whichever is relevant at the time of problem. All the nature of problems and solutions are recorded in our database to give your organization a better and prompt service.