Health and Safety

The Management Committee of LABA Nepal is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for all its staff and students and for others who work in or visit the Center.


The aims of the Management Committee are:

  • To set health and safety standards that meet not only the requirements of current industry norms but also reflect the Center’s desire to seek excellence in all its activities,
  • To encourage the full participation of all members (staff and students) of the Center in matters concerning health and safety at the Center,
  • The identification and elimination or effective control of situations likely to be hazardous to health and safety or cause damage to persons and/or equipment,
  • The prevention of accidents, injuries and ill-health to all users of the Center and neighboring premises,
  • Continuous improvement in standards of occupational health safety and hygiene.


The Management Committee, through its Managers, monitors how well these aims are being met.  

Some Facilities:

  • Clean and safe drinking water (mineral water).
  • Smoke Detector and Fire alarms
  • ISI certified fire extinguishers good for class B & C fires.
  • Industry approved electric wiring and switches for the safe and smooth running of the center equipment.
  • Security System – CCTV, Card access