Training Need Analysis

Our team can help the client in conduct the training need analysis and identify the gap in Training Needs at employee, departmental or organizational level in order to help the organization to perform effectively. The aim of training needs analysis is to ensure that training addresses existing problems, is tailored to organizational objectives, and is delivered in an effective and cost-efficient manner. A training need analysis forms the initial phase of any solution offered by LABA. TNA helps organization to put the training resources to good use. We use research tools and analyze the result to identify the training need.   


The TNA phase also forms part of LABA’s methodology to Assessment and Evaluation of any training solution. It is vital during the TNA stage that criteria are set for measuring the effectiveness of the training at all levels.


TNA phase needs to be carefully carried out to ensure that any learning solution will be the best solution now and in the future. At it's base level a TNA essentially looks at the current status, determines the future status and bridges the gap between the two.


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