Happy (sort Of) Birthday, World Wide Web!

Aug 8


Twenty-five years ago, the first public website went live.

It was a helpful guide to this new thing called the World Wide Web. The minimalist design featured black text with blue links on a white background. It's still online today if you'd like to click around and check out the frequently asked questions or geek out over the technical protocols.


Web pages have changed drastically since then, evolving from plain text to glittery Geocities gifs, into photo- and video-based pages, and most recently going back to simple for mobile devices.

The World Wide Web was actually conceived in 1989 by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee. He wrote a proposal at research institute CERN for a "global hypertext" system, and later developed some very important technology still well known by their acronyms, HTML, HTTP and URLs.

Here's a look back at what he created, using the very technology he made.

Check out the first ever website.

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